Optics and Imaging Centre


Advanced research equipment housed at the OIC include:

  • Transmission Electron Microscope -Jeol 1011
  • White Laser TCS SP5X Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope- Leica
  • Axiovision Fluorescent/Brightfield Microscope– Zeiss Axioscope A1 interfaced with Axiovision image analysis software version 4.8.3.
  • Autostainer Link 48 with pre-treatment link –Dako
  • Bioplex Magpix Multiplex Reader with Bioplex manager software version 4.1.1- Biorad

Instrumentation specific for the ancillary preparative techniques allied to each of the above equipment are available at the OIC.  These include:

  • Automated tissue processor -Leica
  • Automated tissue embedder-Leica
  • Automated electron microscopy tissue processor – Lynx
  • Microtome (x2)-Leica and Sakura
  • Ultramicrotomes (x2)-Leica